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Four Ways that Diamond Flex-Hone® Tools Improve Part Quality

Posted by Team BRM on May 8, 2017 10:09:30 AM

diamond_flex-hone_mounted.pngDiamond Flex-Hone® tools remove burrs, blend edges, and improve the inner diameter (ID) surface finish of machined parts made of harder materials such as carbide, ceramic, and hardened tool steels. Importantly, these diamond abrasive honing tools also improve the quality of machined holes in aerospace, defense, and medical device manufacturing.

Flexible Cylinder Honing for Harder Materials

Made in the USA by Brush Research Manufacturing (BRM), Diamond Flex-Hone® tools combine the benefits of Flex-Hone® technology with a special nickel-coated diamond abrasive that promotes crystal retention and heat dissipation. BRM’s diamond tools have self-sharpening crystals, come in three different mesh sizes, and are available for bores between 4-mm and 1-1/2-in.

For deburring, surface finishing, edge blending, and improved hole-quality with harder materials, Diamond Flex-Hone® tools are a great choice. These flexible cylinder hones can be used with production equipment such as CNC machinery, and with handheld tools such as electric drills. Let’s take a closer look at how BRM’s diamond hones can improve part quality for your operations.    

Deburring and Surface Finishing


Diamond Flex-Hone® tools remove cut, torn, folded, or jagged metal that can cause misalignments in machined components. Applications include carbide wear parts, guide and drill bushings, chromed and plated bores, aerospace components, and medical parts. Diamond Flex-Hone® tools can also deburr heat treated steel, high-nickel stainless steel, MMX aluminum alloys, and EDM recast layers.  

Using a low-temperature, low-pressure abrading process, the Diamond Flex-Hone® improves cylinder surface finish while leaving the base metal structure undisturbed. The result is a long-wearing surface that’s free of mill scale, heat treat scale, and other imperfections. The non-directional or cross-hatched pattern that flexible cylinder honing imparts helps to increase oil retention, too.  

Edge Blending and Improved Hole Quality

BRM’s diamond hones also blend edges and eliminate stress risers that can reduce fatigue strength in machined components. By producing smooth, radiused-edge transitions, Diamond Flex-Hone® technology protects your investments in machined parts that are mission-critical. That’s why in the aerospace industry, BRM’s diamond tools are used with rotating engine parts and landing gear equipment.   

Diamond Flex-Hone® technology can also remove micro-burrs from drilling, reaming, and countersinking operations. Unless these surface imperfections are addressed, improperly machined holes can cause stress corrosion cracks and damage the structure of the metal.

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