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Flexible Honing for Large Pumps and Valves

Posted by Heather Jones on Mar 7, 2016 6:34:57 AM

Maintenance personnel in the processing industries need to remove rust, corrosion, accumulated chemicals, and biological matter from the bores of large pumps and valves. In petrochemical plants, refineries, and wastewater processing facilities, the accumulation of wax, clay, silt, or other debris can impede performance, block lubrication, and reduce service life.

Rebuilding and servicing large pumps and valves isn’t just a matter of cleaning them, however. The bores of these cylinders require tight tolerances. Proper surface finishing and burr removal are required, but with a minimal amount of inner diameter (ID) material removal. Ease-of-use is important, too. For large pumps and valves, the right choice is the BRM Flex-Hone® tool.

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