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Flexible Honing for High-Performance Brake Rotors

Posted by Heather Jones on Dec 6, 2015 1:02:42 PM

High-performance brake rotors don’t just support braking at high speeds. They dissipate the heat that’s generated at the interface between the brake pad and the brake rotor. Often, members of the performance racing industry choose drilled or slotted brake rotors made of high-quality gray iron or cast iron. Both brake rotor designs have their advantages, but even high-performance brake pads will wear. If friction pad material is transferred unevenly to the surface of the brake disc, noise and vibration can occur.

For race industry mechanics, brake jobs can mean more than replacing the pads. Brake rotors need to be replaced or re-surfaced (turned). Fortunately, there’s a surface finishing solution that’s ideal for both new and turned rotors. The Flex-Hone® for Rotors tool from Brush Research Manufacturing (BRM) smooths jagged edges and removes unwanted surface material. BRM’s rotor hone also imparts a unidirectional or “basket weave” that’s perfect for bedding-in new brake pads.

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