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Three Ways That Flex-Hone® Tools Can Save You Time and Money

Posted by Team BRM on Apr 24, 2017 11:07:03 AM

Flex-Hone Made in USAFlex-Hone® tools remove burrs, deglaze bores, and improve cylinder surface finish. Made in the USA by Brush Research Manufacturing (BRM), these flexible cylinder hones enable manufacturers, machinists, metalworkers, and maintenance personnel to solve surface finishing and deburring challenges.

Importantly, Flex-Hone® tools also support the bottom line. BRM ball hones offer a range of benefits, but can Flex-Hone® technology really save you time and money? Through asset protection, increased productivity, and value-added manufacturing, you can reap the rewards of flexible cylinder honing.   

Asset Protection

Asset ProtectionFlex-Hone® tools are available for any type or size cylinder, including high-cost assets such as marine and diesel engines. BRM ball hones are great for hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders, too. The plateau finish that flexible honing imparts optimizes cylinder wall lubrication for reduced friction and wear. Flex-Hone® technology also reduces oil consumption and improves piston ring seating and sealing.

Flexible cylinder honing can help protect your human assets, too. Manual deburring can expose workers to sharp, dangerous burrs. Fatigue from manual finishing can increase the risk of injury. If cut, torn, and folded metal isn’t removed properly, part misalignments may occur. For companies that want to avoid workplace injuries and equipment downtime, it pays to use the right tools.

Increased Productivity

Cylinder_Repairs.jpgManual deburring and surface finishing is time-consuming. Sandpaper wears down and loses its cutting ability. With rigid hones, elaborate machine setups may be required. Unlike other tools, flexible hones don’t require any special training or instruction. Instead, they’re self-centering to the bore and self-compensating for wear. If you can use a handheld drill, you can use a Flex-Hone® tool.

When maintenance personnel chuck a Flex-Hone® into a power drill, companies can achieve a cost savings. Instead of moving a costly asset to the shop, a worker can take a Flex-Hone® to the field. Ball hones can also save money for manufacturers, machinists, and metalworkers. Because Flex-Hone® tools mount in production equipment, your shop or factory may already have the machinery that it needs.

Value-Added Manufacturing

By promoting part quality, flexible honing prevents finish-related problems that can occur downstream, after even more value is added to a part. Plus, whether it’s Monday morning or Friday afternoon, Flex-Hone® technology imparts a consistent, high-quality surface finish. By contrast, manual deburring may deliver different results at different times of the day. Different workers may also get different results.

Would you like to learn more about Flex-Hone® technology? Then download the Flex-Hone® Resource Guide.


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