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Two Types of Flex-Hone® Tools for the Oil and Gas Industry

Posted by Team BRM on Feb 20, 2017 10:36:05 AM

flex-hone tools for oil and gas Maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO) organizations that serve the oil and gas industry use BRM Flex-Hone® tools to clean and surface finish the bores of pumps, valves, and engine cylinders. Made in the USA by Brush Research Manufacturing (BRM), these flexible cylinder hones impart a clean, smooth surface finish that helps to promote performance and extend service life.

If the inner diameter (ID) of a cylinder bore isn’t cleaned or finished properly, problems such as reduced performance or fewer operating hours between overhauls may result. That’s why for gas and oilfield applications with medium-diameter bores, wood core Flex-Hone® tools are a smart choice. For pumps, valves, and engine cylinders with bigger bores, large-diameter flexible honing tools get the job done right.

Wood Core Flex-Hone® Tools

small wood core.jpgWood Core Flex-Hone® tools feature a strong but lightweight aluminum sleeve over a wood core. Tool diameters range from 8” to 18”, and a variety of abrasive types and grit sizes are available for various base materials and surface finish requirements. All wood core Flex-Hone® tools have a steel hex-drive shaft with an overall length (OAL) of 34”.

Built with abrasive globules that are permanently laminated to flexible nylon filaments, Flex-Hone® tools provide a soft cutting action that leaves the base metal undistributed. In the oil and gas industry, wood core Flex-Hone® tools are used to remove clay, silt, rust, and corrosion from valves and pumps that require periodic maintenance.    

Large-Diameter Flex-Hone® Tools  

large-1.jpgLarge-diameter Flex-Hone® tools are built for bores between 19” and 36”. These surface finishing and deburring tools feature a sturdy steel drum with replaceable honing sections. This innovative design lets industrial MROs use a single drum for a range of bore diameters, and with different abrasive types and grits. Replacement honing sections are ordered in sets.

For big-bore diesel engines like the ones used in pipeline operations, large-diameter Flex-Hone® tools are a smart choice. Achieving top-to-bottom cylinder or liner wall coverage can be challenging, but BRM’s cylinder hones provide complete cleaning and surface finishing. These large-diameter honing tools also impart a uniform series of grooves or valleys for optimum lubrication and reduced wear.

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Flex-Hone® tools for the oil and gas industry don’t just come in medium-diameter and large-diameter sizes. BRM also supplies small-diameter ball hones for applications such as metering tubes. Standard Flex-Hone® tools range in size from 4 mm to 36”, and custom tools are available upon special request. To learn more about Flex-Hone® technology for the oil and gas industry, meet BRM at HOUSTEX 2017 next week.   


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