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Gun Maintenance: Flexible Honing for Revolver Chambers

Posted by Team BRM on May 1, 2016 12:38:23 PM

Revolver Cylinder ChambersGun owners like revolvers because they’re efficient, reliable, and don’t use magazines. Without proper firearms maintenance, however, performance-related issues may occur. If the surface finish of revolver chambers is too rough, fired cases can be difficult to extract. Surface finishes with pits or scratches can also allow residues or moisture to collect, which may impede extractions or lead to cylinder rusting.

These gun maintenance challenges don’t just affect used revolvers, however. Reaming the cylinder chambers on a new handgun can leave tooling marks that contribute to surface roughness. Fortunately, there’s a Made in the USA gun tool that's right for gunsmiths and firearms manufacturers alike. The Flex-Hone® for Firearms imparts a smooth, polished, final finish that’s ideal for revolver chambers.

The Flex-Hone® for Revolver Chambers

Flex-Hone for RevolversThe Flex-Hone® for Revolvers is also easy-to-use and requires no special training. Made in America by Brush Research Manufacturing (BRM), this gun tool features distinctive abrasive globules or balls that provide a soft cutting action. Flex-Hone® tools aren’t designed for heavy-duty material removal, however. Rather, flexible cylinder honing is for final finishing and chamber polishing.

As the Flex-Hone® for Firearms Instructional Video explains, gunsmiths can use BRM’s surface finishing tool with a handheld electric drill. Firearms manufacturers can use manual finishing methods, too, but Flex-Hone® for Firearms tools also mount in production equipment such as CNC machinery. No matter how you use this versatile gun tool, it’s important to follow some basic instructions. 

How Gunsmiths Use the Flex-Hone® for Revolvers

Flexible Honing for RevolversFor starters, always make sure that your firearms are empty and unloaded before using the Flex-Hone® for Firearms tool. Remove the cylinder from the revolver, disassemble it completely, and then clamp the cylinder in a padded vise. Use the shortest shank possible, and always use a good quality cutting or honing fluid like Flex-Hone® oil to minimize heat, prevent the tool from loading, and suspend the abrasive material.    

When you’re ready to begin, rotate the gun tool before entering the cylinder and then continue to rotate the Flex-Hone® for Firearms after the tool is fully removed from the chamber. Stroke the handgun cylinder at a smooth, constant speed and avoid overhoning. When you’re finished, it’s important to clean, brush, and dry the cylinder. Finally, apply gun oil to help protect the surface finish.    

Get the Flex-Hone® for Firearms Brochure

Are you a target shooter, hunter, or gunsmith? Do you work in law enforcement, defense, or security? Maybe you work for a firearms manufacturer instead. For revolver chamber finishing and polishing, the Flex-Hone® for Firearms is a proven solution for gun maintenance challenges. Learn more by downloading the Flex-Hone® for Firearms Brochure from Brush Research Manufacturing (BRM).

Flex-Hone for Firearms Brochure

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