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Four Reasons to Visit BRM at HOUSTEX 2017 (Booth #2826)

Posted by Team BRM on Feb 12, 2017 1:04:54 PM

Houstex 2017.jpgHOUSTEX lasts three days, hosts hundreds of leading manufacturers, and attracts thousands of industry professionals who affect purchasing decisions. For advanced technologies and innovative solutions, the Southwest’s premiere manufacturing event is where you can do more than read a brochure. For must-see surface finishing and deburring tools, visit BRM in Booth #2826.

Brush Research Manufacturing (BRM), a full-line manufacturer of flexible hones and industrial brushes, will showcase Flex-Hone® tools and NamPower technology from February 28 to March 2, 2017 at the George R. Brown Convention Center in Houston. Don’t miss your chance to see BRM’s Flex-Hone® tools, including large-diameter tools and wood core tools for oilfield applications. BRM will also showcase NamPower diamond wheels and NamPower small-diameter abrasive disc brushes.

Flex-Hone® Tools Deburr and Surface Finish Cylinder Walls

BC_Series_Flex-Hones.jpgFlex-Hone® tools are the industry standard for removing burrs and improving cylinder surface finish at the same time. Self-centering, self-aligning to the bore, and self-compensating for wear, BRM’s flexible cylinder hones support advanced manufacturing because they mount in CNC equipment, industrial robots, and other production machinery. These Made in the USA metalworking tools come in a variety of sizes, abrasive types, and grits. 

Large-Diameter Flex-Hone® Tools  And Wood Core Flex-Hone® Tools for Oilfield Applications

super heavy large.jpgLarge-diameter Flex-Hone® tools are designed for bore diameters from 19" through 36". These surface finishing and deburring tools feature a sturdy steel drum with replaceable honing sections. This innovative design lets you use one drum for a range of bore diameters. You can also use the same drum with multiple abrasive types and grits.

For oilfield applications, Flex-Hone® tools with diameters from 8" to 18" are often used. These flexible cylinder hones have a wood core

NamPower Diamond Wheels Produce Edge Radii on Hard Materials

nampower-diamond-wheel.jpgNamPower wheel brushes with diamond abrasive filaments produce edge radii on hard materials like carbide, CBN, ceramic, diamond, hardened tool steels, and glass. With their dense, uniform fill pattern, these nylon abrasive wheels are also great for plasma-sprayed and nitride-coated surfaces. Use these BRM brushing tools to improve the outer-diameter finish of reamers, end mills, drills, taps, gear hobs, and shapes. They’re an especially great choice for cutting tool manufacturers.

NamPower Small-Diameter Abrasive Disc Brushes Reach Tight Spaces

NamPower_Disc_Small.jpgNamPower small-diameter abrasive disc brushes are your surface finishing solution for hard-to-reach places. With their small size and unique combination of ceramic and silicon carbide abrasive, these high-performance brushing tools are ideal for smaller applications and planetary mountings. Dot-style tools are great for light-duty applications, and turbine-style tools are the right choice for medium and heavy-duty deburring. Both types of brushes feature flow-through tool holders for optimum coolant use.


There are lots of great reasons to attend HOUSTEX, and four especially important ones if you need to solve surface finishing and deburring challenges. For industry-leading tools like the Flex-Hone® tool, and for innovative technologies like NamPower diamond wheels and NamPower small-diameter abrasive disc brushes, visit BRM at HOUSTEX 2017 in Booth #2826.


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