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NamPower Diamond Wheels for Cutting Tool Manufacturers

Posted by Team BRM on Sep 24, 2016 5:44:52 AM

NamPower_Diamond_Wheels.jpgCutting tools remove material from a workpiece by shear deformation. They include single-point tools for turning, shaping, and planning; and multi-point tools for milling, drilling, and grinding. Often, cutting tools feature inserts or replaceable tips. These tipped tools, such as endmills and reamers, need to be made of heat-resistant materials that are harder than the material to be cut. 

All cutting tools require a specific geometry, with clearance angles that allow the cutting edge to contact the workpiece cleanly. The angle of the cutting face is also important. For cutting tool manufacturers, product optimization requires surface finishing. For removing burrs and optimizing surface quality, NamPower diamond wheels provide consistent, high-quality results. 

Applications and Advantages

nampower-diamond-wheel.jpgNamPower diamond abrasive wheel brushes are designed for deburring and surface-finishing harder materials such as ceramic, glass, carbide, CBN, and tool steels. With their dense, uniform fill, these metalworking tools from Brush Research Manufacturing (BRM) are also a great choice for cleaning, polishing, and edge radiusing plasma-sprayed and nitride-coated surfaces.    

To support their use with harder materials, BRM’s diamond wheels feature abrasive-impregnated nylon filaments that that put more cutting points at the point of attack. NamPower diamond abrasive wheels also feature virtually indestructible composite hubs that support their use with production equipment and machinery.

Applications for NamPower diamond wheels include polishing the flute reliefs on drills, end mills, and reamers made of high-speed steels (HSS) or carbide. With end mills and reamers, a polished flue relief enhances chip removal and promotes better finishes and longer tool life. With carbide inserts, edge radiusing prevents fracturing and premature insert wear.

Selection and Use 

BRM’s NamPower nylon abrasive wheel brushes with black diamond filaments are available in three diameters: 100 mm (4 in), 150 mm (6 in), and 200 mm (8 in). The 150 mm and 200 mm brush tools have face widths of either 10 mm or 15 mm. The 100 mm diamond wheels come with either a 5 mm or 10 mm face width to accommodate a variety of flue relief sizes. 

All BRM diamond abrasive wheel brushes come standard in 600 mesh and provide just the right amount of cutting action. To support NamPower wheel brush use with your existing production equipment, BRM produces machined arbor adapters in a variety of sizes. These adapters are designed to offer increased brush support, less brush vibration, and longer brush life. 

Learn More Now

NamPower diamond wheels cost significantly less than other diamond wheel brushes on the market, and combine high-performance with greater value for dependable results. Ready to learn more? Download the brochure for more information about NamPower diamond wheels. 

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