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NamPower Disc Brushes for Knife, Boat, and Vise Manufacturing

Posted by Team BRM on Sep 26, 2017 1:17:07 PM

NamPower_Abrasive_Disc_Brushes.jpgWhat do knives, boats, and vises have in common? They all need an outer diameter (OD) surface finish that’s smooth, attractive, and burr-free. Otherwise, potential customers may notice small surface imperfections that can lead to larger questions about product quality.    

For high-performance surface finishing and deburring, NamPower nylon abrasive brushes are the right choice. These disc-shaped brushing tools remove burrs and improve surface finish at the same time. They also blend edges and integrate with today’s production machinery.

As the following success stories show, companies that care about quality are getting great results with NamPower disc brushes from Brush Research Manufacturing (BRM).

Knife Manufacturing

Knife ManufacturingConsumers want knives with the perfect surface finish. They don’t want to see tool paths or marks on knife handles and frames. That’s why Zodiac Engineering, a knife manufacturer in Los Angeles, uses dot-style NamPower disc brushes.

These metalworking tools are designed for light-to-medium duty deburring. They conform closely to part contours and provide metal cleaning and polishing, too.

Another Los Angeles knife maker, Balzano Knives, also uses NamPower discs to remove burrs and improve surface finish. To achieve clean, straight lines and a distinctive look-and-feel, Paulo Balzano needed a high-quality metalworking tool. As this video explains, dot-style NamPower disc brushes are now the toolmaker’s tool.  

Boat Manufacturing

Sea Ray, the world’s largest manufacturer of superior-quality pleasure boats, knows that luxury yachts need a smooth, attractive finish. So when the boat manufacturer wanted a better way to sand hulls made of composite materials, BRM floated the ideal solution. NamPower disc brushes in a robotic arm are faster than manual sanding. These brushing tools also ensure consistent quality, even when fiberglass surfaces have variations. For heavier-duty applications, turbine-style NamPower disc brushes get the job done.    

Vise Manufacturing

Orange Vise makes CNC machine vises and quick-change fixturing components. Before discovering NamPower discs, the California machine shop removed burrs from milled parts by hand. Today, the Union City company uses NamPower technology with its automated equipment. With NamPower disc brushes, Orange Vise achieves maximum burr removal rates and an optimum surface finish at the same time. The vise manufacturer has also automated the finishing of chamfered edges. 

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