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What to Expect at WESTEC – BRM in Booth #2309

Posted by Heather Jones on Aug 16, 2015 7:55:55 PM

BRM-WESTEC-2015-Booth-2309Do your tradeshow plans include a trip to sunny Southern California? From September 15 to 17, Brush Research Manufacturing (BRM) will be at WESTEC, the West Coast’s premiere manufacturing event. If you’re serious about solving surface finishing and deburring challenges, visit BRM in Booth #2309 at the Los Angeles Convention Center. How can we help you? 

Bring Us Your Part and Find the Right Tools

WESTEC is where you’ll find industry-leading and innovative technologies like Flex-Hone® tools, NamPower nylon abrasive brushes, and miniature deburring tools. When you visit BRM in Booth #2309, you’ll see videos of our products in action and get to talk to our Technical Team. Bring us your parts or drawings, and we’ll recommend the right solution for your specific application. 

Get a Bag and Grab Some Literature 

Visitors to WESTEC Booth #2309 will also receive high-quality tradeshow bags, a convenient way to carry product information as you travel the tradeshow floor. BRM will supply a wide array of literature, including full-color brochures about Flex-Hone® tools, NamPower small-diameter abrasive disc brushes, NamPower diamond abrasive wheels, and our new 12-piece miniature deburring brush kit. 

Take a Look at Flex-Hone® Technology

flexhones_compressor_finishing_deburringBRM’s flagship technology removes burrs and improves cylinder wall surface finish at the same time. With their unique construction, Flex-Hone® tools are self-centering and self-aligning to the bore. Abrasive globules provide a soft cutting action, and the ball hone’s metal mounting stem supports its use with handheld power tools and production equipment. Talk to the BRM Team at WESTEC 2015 to learn more. 

Size-Up NamPower Small-Diameter Disc Brushes 

nampower_small_dia_1Big things come in small packages. NamPower mini disc brushes provide greater versatility in harder-to-reach areas, smaller applications, and planetary head mountings. These high-performance brushing tools are ideal for use with automated equipment, and they come in 50-mm, 60-mm, and 80-mm diameters. Visit BRM in WESTEC Booth #2309 and find out whether you need dot or turbine-style tools. 

Get Ready to Roll With NamPower Diamond Wheels 

nampower-diamond-wheelnampower-diamond-wheelBRM’s NamPower family of nylon abrasive brushing tools is strong and growing. NamPower diamond wheels feature sturdy composite hubs and long-lasting diamond abrasive filaments for polishing and producing edge radii on carbide, CBN, ceramic, diamond, hardened tool steels, and glass. Ask the BRM Technical Team about applications involving reamers, end mills, drill, taps, gear hobs, and shapes. 

Count the Benefits of Mini-Brush Kits 

mini_brush_kitSmall holes don’t have to mean big problems for manufacturers. BRM’s miniature stainless steel brushes for cross-hole deburring won’t remove the base material or become clogged with particles and debris. Easy-to-use and corrosion-resistant, these miniature deburring tools are also cost-effective because 12 of them come in a special brush kit. Visit WESTEC Booth #2309 to learn more. 

Find Your Solution. Request a Meeting. 

Do you have questions about mini deburring brushes? What about Flex-Hone® tools, NamPower mini discs, or NamPower diamond wheels? Maybe you’re just interested in discussing your own surface finishing and deburring challenges. That’s great, too! The BRM Technical Team is ready to help. Join us at WESTEC, and find us in Booth #2390 from September 15 to 17 at the Los Angeles Convention Center. 

So when will we see you at WESTEC 2015? Let’s set a date and time so it’s on both our calendars. Request a meeting with BRM today, and get ready to make the most of your experience at the West Coast’s leading manufacturing event. 

 WESTEC 2015 - Visit BRM in Booth #2309

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