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What’s the Best Way to Surface Finish Your Parts? Just Ask

Posted by Heather Jones on Jul 27, 2015 8:33:00 AM

brushresearch_BRM_productsDo you need solutions to specific surface finishing or deburring challenges? Are you struggling with a particular application, or wondering if there’s a way to save time and money by integrating new tools with your existing equipment? As a full-line, American-owned supplier of surface finishing and deburring technologies, Brush Research Manufacturing (BRM) is ready to help. So how can you put BRM to work for you? The secret is BRM’s Distributor Network and Tech Lab Program. 

Unlike other companies, BRM supplies more than just surface finishing and deburring products. We also provide technical knowledge and application expertise. BRM’s founder, Steve Rands, pioneered concepts such as plateau finishing, which is now an industry-standard technique for improving surface finish. Today, we work with a global network of distributors who share our commitment to quality and innovation. By connecting with one of our local representatives, you can find solutions that meet your specific needs.

Meet Your BRM Representative 

Inviting a BRM rep to your location is a great first step. Your local territory representative can then evaluate your current process, learn more about your requirements, and recommend the best solution. For example, if you need to deburr and surface finish cylinder walls, BRM Flex-Hone® technology is a great choice. Flex-Hone® tools are available in a wide variety of tool sizes, abrasive types, and grits, so your representative’s technical knowledge and application expertise will help with tool selection.  They are an excellent resource to work with or put you in touch with a local distributor that can provide product in a timely manner. 

BRM manufacturer representatives can also provide expert advice about brush tool use. For example, if NamPower abrasive disc brushes are the right choice for your parts deburring challenge, your local representative can recommend disc speeds, brush depths, and feed rates. You can also learn how spindle speed and the use of a coolant, along with brush diameter and grit size, can produce either a fine or coarse finish. Similarly, you can learn how to perform either more aggressive or less aggressive brushing for your application.


Send In Your Part 

BRM’s global distributor network is supported by strong connections to our company headquarters here in Los Angeles, California USA. So if your surface finishing or deburring challenge requires further analysis, your local representative or distributor can send your part to our Tech Lab. When our evaluation is complete, you’ll receive a detailed report that describes the best brushing tool for your surface finishing application. 

Test results typically include photographs and a surface profilometer analysis of your part both before and after finishing. Results also include recommendations about operating speeds and use. In short, the Tech Lab program is all about finding the best way to surface finish your parts. This free program is available through working with your local representative, distributor or working directly with the BRM technical team in Los Angeles, so find your surface finishing solution now. 

BRM_Send_In Your_Part_Program  

Find the Right Solution 

Brush Research Manufacturing (BRM) and its global distributor network keeps plenty of standard surface finishing and deburring tools in stock, and BRM can ship to your location within 24 hours. We also provide specialized solutions such as custom Flex-Hone® tools. So whether you need a standard brushing tool or an application-specific solution, we’re ready to help. Contact your local representative to learn more, and put BRM’s knowledge and expertise to work for you whenever you have a surface finishing challenge.