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NamPower Wheel Brushes for Metalworking

Posted by Team BRM on Aug 8, 2016 8:45:23 AM

NamPower wheel brushes are wheel-shaped brushing tools that remove burrs and improve the outer diameter (OD) surface finish of machined parts. Made by Brush Research Manufacturing (BRM), these metalworking tools feature abrasive-nylon impregnated nylon filaments for a safer alternative to wire wheels and a performance advantage over non-woven abrasive brushes. 

With their composite hubs and well-balanced construction, NamPower wheel brushes reduce machine fatigue and filament breakage. These BRM power brushes also put more cutting tips at the point of attack for shorter cycle times and longer tool life. Use NamPower wheel brushes for machine-based and offhand deburring and surface finishing, and for cleaning, polishing, and edge radiusing. 

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How To Select NamPower Wheel Brushes for Harder Materials

Posted by Heather Jones on Apr 17, 2016 9:35:07 AM

Wheel brushes are wheel-shaped brushing tools for deburring and surface finishing machined parts. These power brushes are also used for outer diameter (OD) applications such as parts cleaning, polishing, and edge radiusing.

As a full-line manufacturer of surface finishing and deburring tools, Brush Research Manufacturing (BRM) supplies may different types of wheel brushes, including NamPower nylon abrasive wheels with silicon carbide or diamond abrasive filaments. 

So which filament type is right for harder materials? Once you've selected the abrasive that's right for your application, what do you need to know about specifying the brush diameter and face width? 

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