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Wire Cup Brushes for Surface Finishing

Posted by Team BRM on Oct 17, 2016 10:46:34 AM

Wire cup brushes are industrial brushing tools for surface preparation, deburring, blending, and surface finishing. They feature a cup-like body, metal wire filaments, and an arbor hole or shaft that supports their use with grinding tools or other powered equipment.

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Sports Car Engine Rebuilds with Flex-Hone® Tools

Posted by Team BRM on Oct 9, 2016 1:40:59 PM

Alfa Romeo sports cars are known for their power and performance. Since 1911, when two Alfas entered the Targa Florio Competition, these Italian automobiles have been a part of international motorsport. Today, Alfa aficionados gather on-line to discuss engine maintenance and repairs. For do-it-yourself (DIY) engine rebuilds, experienced “Alfistas” choose Flex-Hone® tools from Brush Research Manufacturing (BRM).

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Watch BRM’s 30-Second Engine Rebuild Video

Posted by Team BRM on Oct 3, 2016 3:57:41 PM

In the movie “Gone in 60 Seconds”, a master car thief returns to Southern California to steal 50 vehicles in 96 hours. In a YouTube video from Brush Research Manufacturing (BRM), employees at the Los Angeles company rebuild a Chevy 350 engine in just 30 seconds.

BRM's time-elapsed video isn't a Hollywood blockbuster, but the manufacturer's engine tools are automotive superstars. The BRM employees you'll see don't rebuild engines for a living, but they mastered multiple engine maintenance and cleaning tasks thanks to Flex-Hone® tools and automotive brushes.

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NamPower Diamond Wheels for Cutting Tool Manufacturers

Posted by Team BRM on Sep 24, 2016 5:44:52 AM

Cutting tools remove material from a workpiece by shear deformation. They include single-point tools for turning, shaping, and planning; and multi-point tools for milling, drilling, and grinding. Often, cutting tools feature inserts or replaceable tips. These tipped tools, such as endmills and reamers, need to be made of heat-resistant materials that are harder than the material to be cut. 

All cutting tools require a specific geometry, with clearance angles that allow the cutting edge to contact the workpiece cleanly. The angle of the cutting face is also important. For cutting tool manufacturers, product optimization requires surface finishing. For removing burrs and optimizing surface quality, NamPower diamond wheels provide consistent, high-quality results. 

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What's the Right Speed for NamPower Disc Brushes?

Posted by Team BRM on Sep 18, 2016 3:20:07 PM

NamPower discs from Brush Research Manufacturing (BRM) are nylon abrasive brushing tools that remove burrs and improve part finish at the same time. Designed for outer diameter (OD) applications, these high-performance metalworking tools integrate easily with CNC machining centers, transfer lines, robotic cells, and other production equipment. With their unique combination of ceramic and silicon carbide abrasive, NamPower disc brushes set a new standard for high-quality, cost-effective performance.   

NamPower disc brushes come in two styles (dot and turbine), two trim lengths (18 and 38 mm), four grit sizes (80, 120, 180, 320), and six diameters (50, 60, 80, 100, 125, 150 mm). Choosing the right tool for the job is important, of course, but your work doesn’t end with product selection. That’s why manufacturers, metalworkers, and machinists need to understand the importance of disc brush speed, which is measured in revolutions (RPM) per minute, for optimum NamPower performance.

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How to Automate Deburring and Surface Finishing

Posted by Team BRM on Sep 12, 2016 3:39:15 AM

Leading manufacturers are using automated deburring and surface finishing technologies to reduce labor costs, speed operations, and ensure part quality and consistency. Instead of removing burrs off-line during time-consuming secondary operations, these companies are using high-quality metalworking tools with their existing production equipment.

For both inner diameter (ID) and outer diameter (OD) applications, Brush Research Manufacturing (BRM) supplies finishing and deburring tools that support automation. BRM Flex-Hone® tools and NamPower technology are used by large companies in global industries such as automotive and aerospace, but are also a favorite among smaller manufacturers, metalworkers, and machinists who want to automate their deburring and surface finishing operations in a high-performance, cost-effective way. 

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How Tool Diameter Drives Flex-Hone® Selection and Use

Posted by Team BRM on Sep 5, 2016 9:53:17 AM

Flex-Hone® tools remove burrs and improve surface finish at the same time. Made in the USA by Brush Research Manufacturing (BRM), these flexible cylinder hones are trusted by metalworkers, machinists, and manufacturers alike.

BRM ball hones are used in a wide variety of industries, and can help solve your own surface finishing and deburring challenges. Flexible hones come in wide variety of abrasive types and grits, but tool diameter also drives Flex-Hone® selection and use.

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Flexible Honing For Fluid Power Systems

Posted by Team BRM on Aug 27, 2016 4:46:57 PM

Fluid power systems use a liquid or a gas to transmit power from one location to another. With hydraulics, the fluid is usually an oil. With pneumatics, a gas such as compressed air is used. In both types of systems, the movement of a cylinder plunger produces linear motion.

Unless the bores of hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders have a smooth surface finish, however, performance may suffer. To optimize inner diameter (ID) surface finish, the fluid power industry uses Flex-Hone® tools from Brush Research Manufacturing (BRM).     

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Flex-Hone® Tools for Chamfer Blending

Posted by Team BRM on Aug 21, 2016 1:44:08 PM

Part manufacturers use a variety of methods to produce through-holes for fasteners. For example, in the aerospace industry, techniques such as drilling, milling, and reaming are used with metals such as nickel, Inconel, Waspalloy, titanium, and stainless steels. Unless these hole-drilling and edge-breaking processes are performed perfectly, however, machined parts may not meet demanding aerospace specifications.

Manufacturers in the automotive and semiconductor industries also face challenging requirements for surface quality. To produce through-hole surfaces that are chamfered, free of burrs, and have radiused edge transitions, metalworkers need to select and use the best surface finishing and deburring tools. For final parts deburring and finishing, industry leaders trust the Flex-Hone® for Chamfer Blending.

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How Small Brushes Solve Big Cross-Hole Deburring Challenges

Posted by Team BRM on Aug 15, 2016 7:28:09 AM

Small cross-drilled holes can present major deburring challenges. Burrs created during cross-drilling can affect dimensional tolerances, cause part misalignments, and limit the overall efficiency of machined components. For manufacturers, machinists, and metalworkers, surface finishing success begins by choosing the right deburring tools for removing cut, torn, folded, and jagged metal.  

Miniature deburring brushes with abrasive-filled nylon filaments have their advantages, but all-stainless steel tools are especially tough and long lasting. Plus, unlike other types of metal brushes, the filaments of all-stainless steel tools won’t corrode and leave after-rust deposits on finished parts. As a full-line supplier of surface finishing solutions, Brush Research Manufacturing (BRM) has the tools you need for deburring smaller cross-drilled holes.

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